Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum
2020-04-15 10:15

Most people would not know what kind of work is done in a museum. The question is, what can a museum provide in a situation when most people do not have the opportunity to visit exhibitions? What kind of online content can museums recommend? How can they help educators?

These questions are now answered by the Hungarian National Museum, among other museums.

Most of our units can offer you exciting online exhibitions, virtual collections, downloadable tutorials, online help, their own videos and audio guides, blogs, or professional forums.

HNM in the virtual space
Read about the history of our museum, learn about the institution and take a virtual tour of the museum building.
You can also visit the permanent exhibitions of the museum from home. Take a walk or take a look at the main objects of each exhibition and read their descriptions.

HNM TOP 50 | Explore Our Museum's Highlights
We present our finest artworks and most precious treasures to you. Discover the most significant relics left behind by the peoples of the Carpathian Basin and the most important relics from the history of the Hungarians.

HNM YouTube channel
Similarly to other institutions, the Hungarian National Museum has its own Youtube channel, offering access to talks, lectures or exhibitions.
Watch our short movie about the HNM’s Malenkij Robot Memorial.

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