Interactivity, innovation, environmental awareness. MUZEUM@DIGIT Conference in Budapest


2017-11-28 00:00

The National Center for Museuological Methodology and Information of the Hungarian National Museum organizes this year's fifth MUZEUM @ DIGIT conference, in the spirit of tradition and renewal. In addition to the traditionally high quality professional program, the many invited artists abroad and the quality conference services, the museum is also getting this year with novelties and surprises: in the spirit of renewal, the conference has received a new look, environmentally friendly gift packages, innovative facultative programs and interactive mobile application participants. Our goal is to provide a wealth of professional programs and exciting experiences to characterize this year's event.


Following the practice of previous years, high-quality performances by Hungarian, European and overseas performers as well as inspirational museum projects were held this year. In the focus of MUZEUM @ DIGIT - in line with its original concept - the digital renewal, innovation, trends and experiences are present, with a focus on the recently adopted Digital Collection Strategy. In addition, the digital solutions used in exhibitions, media education, cultural statistics, audiovisual archives and digital data assets are also being discussed.


From now on, every year, the museum would like to provide an introduction to ICOM's international committees, focusing on how new technologies, digital devices and applications are incorporated into professional work. First, the chairman of ICOM ICEE (ICOM International Exchanges Exchanges Exhibitors) draws attention to media and technology opportunities for exhibitions.


Encouraged by last year's success The National Center for Museuological Methodology and Information organized two workshops on the subject of digital guided tours and digital museum pedagogies on 30 November.



November 28-29.

Hungarian National Museum