Visualizing the Nation


Visualizing the Nation. Post-Socialist ImagiNations | International conference in English.

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Specter of nationalism is haunting Europe and not just in the former-East but in the former-West as well. The conference, however, intends to focus on the Central and Eastern European region after the fall of communism. It focuses on the visual dimensions of nationalism, as it is considered one of the most visual of all political currents. Still, conferences on nationalism, though abundant, hardly ever address the connection. This one broadens the scope of interpretation, moving beyond an exploration of the political, sociological and philosophical aspects of the “imagined communities” of the present, and centers instead on the often overlooked but fundamental course of visualization of the Nation.

The conference is staged as a concomitant event of the closing exhibition of the Private Nationalism Project (at the Budapest History Museum / Kiscell Museum Municipal Gallery and Budapest Gallery, Oct. 28‒Dec. 15, 2015) entitledImagined Communities, Personal Imaginations, Private Nationalism Budapest.

The following people have confirmed and will speak: Ekaterina Degot, Fedor Blascak, Sezgin Boynik, Marina Griznic– Jasmina Zaloznik, Junghaus Tímea, Imre Anikó, Kékesi Zoltán, Yulia Khmelevskaya, Izabela Kowalczyk, Colleen McQuillen, József Mélyi, Magdalena Moskalewicz, Cristian Nae, Almira Ousmanova, Bojana Pejic, Pócsik Andrea, Andrew Ryder, Alina Serban, Veda Popovici – Ovidiu Pop
The conference program will be announced until November 6th.

November 27-28, 2015 | 10:00–18:00
Venue: Budapest, ELTE BTK (Eötvös Loránd University – Faculty of Humanities) Faculty Council Hall, Ground Floor of Building "A" (1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/A)

Concept: Edit András, Institute of Art History, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
Organizer committee: Edit András Institute of Art History, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest; Maria Derntl
ERSTE Foundation, Programme Culture, Vienna; Zsóka Leposa Budapest History Museum, Kiscell Museum, Municipal Gallery, Budapest; Enikő Róka
Budapest History Museum, Kiscell Museum, Municipal Gallery, Budapest; Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák Budapest Gallery; Project Manager: Flóra Gadó

The conference is supported by ERSTE Foundation

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